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Family & Dog Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil rescued a family from a house fire on Plaza de España in Otura, which is just outside the city of Granada. »

Seismic Monday

By Hugh MacArthur

The Granada area suffered four earth tremors just between 14.30h and 17.00h yesterday afternoon. »

Santa Fe Trembles

By Martin Myall

Santa Fe, which is next to the city of Granada, was the epicentre of an earth tremor yesterday that registered 2.1 on the Richter Scale. »

Herbicide Revolt

By Hugh MacArthur

Locals in Dílar (Granada) are up in arms over the use of glyphosate on the streets, footpaths and near water channels. »

Acompalia’s Summer Ball

By Louise Powell

(ISA) Acompalia will hold its 3rd edition of their annual Summer Ball on September 22nd in the Salon Safi at La Mamunia in , Otura, Granada. »

Carmen, Jazmin and Jail

By Martin Myall

The provincial law courts found a female building developer guilty of spending the deposits made by clients for an urbanización that was never built. »

Salobreña Drugs Bust

By Hugh MacArthur

La Guardia Civil, as part of Operación Golía, busted a drugs ring that has been operating on the Costa Tropical for at least ten years. »

Acompalia Charity Golf Event

By Acompalia

Acompalia Charity Golf Event set for May at Santa Clara Golf Club, Otura »

Acquitted of Slandering a Politician

By Martin Myall

When a building developer accused the Mayor of being corrupt, the reaction was for the politician to sue him, but the judge didn't agree with his view. »

That Sinking Feeling

By Martin Myall

Otura, which is a town off the autovia just before Granada, is sinking about a centimetre a year - hardly free fall, admittedly, but not frightfully clever, either. »

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