Falls from Roofs and Scaffolding

MOT Santa Ana SP20Starting with an accident in Baza Wednesday morning when a man fell from the roof of a warehouse on Calle Lisboa in the Baica trading estate.

The accident occurred a little before 08.40h, which was the time that the emergency-number service 112 received a call.

The Policía Local, the Policía Nacional and an ambulance were directed to the scene of the accident. A works inspector was also present.

The injured man, who suffered a severe blow to the head and a broken kneecap, was taken to Hospital de Baza. This sheet-metal worker had been working on the roof when it gave way under him causing him to fall some ten metres. His fall was broken to a small degree when he landed on a large drum.

The second incident occurred when a worker fell from scaffolding in Motril – this occurred in the evening of the same day as the one in Baza.

The 112 number received a call around 18.30h, which despatched an ambulance to Calle Paris (that’s the one off the new Al Campo roundabout), where the work-related accident took place. The worker had fallen from a height of 4.5 metres

Fire personnel were needed to immobilise the injured man, securing him to a stretcher, so he could be taken to the ambulance and then to Hospital Santa Ana.

As in the case of the first accident, the Inspección del Trabajo y del Centro de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales were informed.

Editorial comment: fortunately, Plummeting Pacos are becoming few and far between since the EU regulations came in concerning work-place Safety. However, on some worksites, you would think that nobody had heard of them.

(News: Motril/Baza, Costa Tropical/inland, Granada, Andalucia)

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