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Car Carambole

Some people find parking difficult, not because of a lack of somewhere to park, but because spacial awareness and how the steering wheel works, eludes them.

Beware of 50-Euro Notes

The Policía Local in Ogíjares (near Granada) are warning shopkeepers and citizen to be wary of 50-euro notes after a very good forgery was detected in the village.

Why the A-92 Flooded

Heavy rainfall during last Saturday saw the A-92 autovía closed down because the lanes were flooded. Today it was revealed why.

An Unusual Theft

You could expect somebody to steal your phone, even your car… but your home, and we’re not talking about squatters but rather somebody making off with it!

Nobody Wants Immigrants

The Spanish right-wing parties, Partido Popular de Armilla and far-right Vox in five different municipalities reject, an immigrant centre being placed on an air base.