Axarquía Illegal Homes

AXA SOHA & Junta PMThe Asociación Salvemos Nuestras Casas-Axarquía (SOHA) has lodged their petition concerning an Andalusian draft bill dealing with rural dwellings.

The Ley de Impulso para la Sostenibilidad del Territorio de Andalucía (LISTA) will supersede the Ley De Ordenación Urbanística de Andalucía vigente (LOUA), which set out what you could build and where you could built it.

The association, made up mainly of foreign property owners with building licences obtained and local taxes paid to their town halls, was brought about to “…help residents protect their homes and legal help and direct action as well as actively campaign for the establishment of an amnesty for honest home-owners in Axarquía,” according to the associations website.

Their case contains around a dozen proposals, explained the Spokesman for the association, Mario Blancke, amongst them one that requests that building licences granted in their day by local town halls be respected by the draft bill as long as the licences are at least twelve years old.

“This way justice will be served for dozens of dwellings that were put up with the corresponding building licence in order, explained Sr. Blancke, adding, “we’re talking about all of those that received their licences prior to 2008 bur presently find themselves with no way out.”

The text of the draft bill, SOHA points out, demands that the paperwork for around 300,000 dwellings be reexamined within Andalucía.  Bear in mind that each dwelling should have two licences: a building licence and a first-occupation licence, so we’re looking at 600,000 licences.

The association points out that article 158 within the draft bill contemplates dwellings that are “irregular,” differentiating them from “illegal dwellings,” which is progress.

Editorial comment: the problem has always been the town halls, especially village ones either turn a blind eye to aperos being converted into dwellings, or simply issue licences knowing that they are illegal. It’s the Junta that calls the shots, not your local town hall. One mayor  just inland from the Costa Tropical used to tell people who wanted to build their cosy Spanish retreats, “build what you like but don’t come here looking for legal paperwork afterwards.”

(News: Axarquia, Malaga, Andalucia)

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