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Nearly Got Away

By Hugh MacArthur

During the first week of this month the Guardia Civil flagged down a car but instead of stopping, it sped off causing the officers to jump aside. »

Restaurante La Corregidora

By Martin Myall

Restaurante La Corregidora in Almuñécar, which is just above the Town Hall Square, has some special group menus lined up for this month and for New Year's Eve! »

Bag Snatching in La Herradura

By Martin Myall

Two men were arrested in Almuñécar, accused of bag snatching in La Herradura and making a false statement. »

Reader’s Letter – Cesar Place

By Gazette Reader

Having heard rave reviews and seen photos of some lovely food, we decided to give Restaurant Cesar Palace in Almuñécar a try. It was a very big mistake. »

Police Save Biker’s Life

By Martin Myall

Two policemen belonging to the Guardia Civil managed to save a biker's life after he suffered a lower-limb amputation. »

El Faro Almuñécar Closing

By David Darby

It was seven years ago that Robbie and Ali Medina took over at El Faro in Almuñécar. Now, due to circumstances beyond their control, the bar will close it's doors for the last time this Monday. »

Restaurante El Hervidero

By Martin Myall

Each month we send you off into the unknown to have a nice meal somewhere... but you keep finding your way back, so here's another! »

Waiter Copies Credit Card

By Hugh MacArthur

The Supreme Court has confirmed a waiter's 5-year, prison sentence for cloning a diners' credit card at the restaurant where he worked. »

Tipping the Balance

By David Darby

There are some crazy stories circulating around Almuñécar at the moment about leaving tips for waiting staff when eating out. »

Restaurante Tesorillo Music

By David Darby

As a family, one of our favourite beaches is Tesorillo Beach in Almuñécar. Situated in a beautiful cove, it really is a delight. »

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