No Shortage of Fines

MOT Policia LocalThe police in Motril had a fine weekend of fining, thanks to the generosity of the unreasonable, irrational and thoroughly irresponsible.

All told, 19 fines were issued to bars etc for not respecting the present limitations: maximum occupation and closing times.

Furthermore, 37 citizens were fined for not wearing a mask or for their defective use (not covering the nose, for instance).

Returning to the establishments fined, nine were over not closing before 05.00h and six were for having more space than that permitted by their licence for an outside terrace. One established was fined for not having a licence at all for an outside terrace and another, for putting on a musical concert without the appropriate licence.

There were also nine more fines issued, four of which were for participating in a street bottle party; something that is not only banned in Motril, but also throughout Andalucía.

The Councillor for Citizen Safety; i.e, the civilian head of the municipal police, María Ángeles Escámez, has warned that the police have orders to be inflexible when it comes to mask use and new opening hours for night bars.

Editorial comment: for those readers that consider that it is all an excuse to rake in money, when it comes to mask use, consider the following.

In Italy, for instance, the fines for not wearing a mask or keeping a social distance are 1,000 euros and not 100 as it is in Spain. Consequently, people, especially young Italians out clubbing, think twice before acting irresponsible.

If you want to stop the spread of the virus, then make the retribution for acting irresponsibly absolutely eye watering.

It is irrelevant what the authorities do with the money from fines when it comes to measures to counter the virus just as long as the brainless are curtailed in their mindless drive to crash the economy and sink the country into economic disaster. Amen.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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