Junta Publishes Decision

AND Marbella Night LifeWell, the Junta has finally published their decision in the BOJA, (official regional gazette) which is the final version of what the Junta decides. If it’s not in the BOJA, it doesn’t count.

As of midnight last night, night bars have to take the names etc of their customers before they come in. The problem is that the owners of discotheques and night bars were in doubt whether this measure applies to them both. Quizzed on this, sources at the Junta say that it only affects discotheques.

Nevertheless, although it is not obligatory for night bars to take names, it is highly recommended.

Next, customers cannot approach the bars to ask for their drinks, much less consume them there, be they discotheques or bars and in the case of the former, the dance floor will have to be converted into a seating area with tables and chairs. There should be two metres between tables and the maximum number permitted for a group sitting together is twelve.

As for maximum capacity inside, it’s set at 40%. Furthermore, businesses must show that they have an efficient disinfection system in place. Where live music is concerned, the maximum is 800 in interiors and 1,500 in exteriors.

Finally, point 11 in the Boletín Extraordinario número 46 de 29/07/2020 states: “La apertura del establecimiento como máximo será hasta las 05.00h, cerrando el acceso de personas media hora antes de la hora prevista de cierre“. This means that night bars and discos have to shut by 05.00h instead of 07.00h and that people should be denied entrance after 04.30h with those already inside having to vacate half an hour later.

(News: Andalucia)

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