Instant Retribution

ECO Albuñol EntranceA 53-year-old, Lithuanian woman was sexually assaulted by a 33-year-old Moroccan man with a knife when she was on her way in Albuñol to see some friends.

This incident, which occurred between 11.00h and 12.00h on Wednesday the 29th, took place in a car park close to a supermarket. Staff at the said supermarket found the woman badly injured in a nearby car park and took her to the town’s medical centre.

There was such an uproar in town that around 12.30h several of the woman’s friends went in search of the aggressor, catching up with him on Calle Campo Santo and beat him up, leaving him in such a state as to require A&E treatment at the same medical centre, where he was positively identified by the female victim.

She was then taken to Hospital Santa Ana where a forensic doctor confirmed that she had been assaulted. She appeared this morning before a magistrate to give her account of what had happened.

(News: Albuñol, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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