China Accuses Spain

SPN Chinese Medical Expert Wang GuangfaTowards the end of June (26th) researchers discovered traces of SARS-CoV2 in Barcelona, sewage-water samples dating back to March 2019. In other words, the virus was already in Barcelona before it was discovered in the Wuhan area of China.

Thanks to the the constant finger pointing and “kung-Flu” taunting from Trump, China lost little time in pointing towards Spain as the origin of the virus and the consequent pandemic.

According to a Chinese medical expert specialised in respiratory illnesses bases this accusation on the Barcelona sample that almost a year before it appeared in China.

This accusation comes about a few days before a W.H.O. team visits China with the mission of finding the origin of Coronavirus that has brought about half a million deaths around the world.

For the Chinese medical expert, Wang Guangfa, the Barcelona discovery demonstrates that the virus originated in Europe and therefore that is where the W.H.O. should be investigating.

However, other experts have expressed their scepticism concerning the Barcelona report, amongst them François Balloux, Head of the UCL Genetics Institute in London, who considers that the samples taken could have been contaminated.

Editorial comment: one thing is clear; the virus was circulating long before it officially cropped up, probably in a less dangerous form and many cases were confused with flu infections. It is illogical, therefore to point the finger at any one location.

Trump’s frantic finger pointing is purely to distract from the fact that things are going pear shape in the US thanks to his highly irresponsible attitude towards the pandemic; an attitude shared by fellow populist leaders in Russia and Brazil.

All Trump’s claims that it was invented in a Chinese laboratory are purely fodder for those that hold him as some kind of Messiah.

But one thing is for certain, the virus was not sent by God or the godless communists; viruses have been around as long as cells have existed, long before life left the oceans to spread across dry land.

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