Playa Granada Overcrowding

SAL Beach Occupancy JL30A section of Playa Granada had to be closed off Saturday afternoon because it had reached it maximum occupation capacity on the present health norms.

This closure only lasted a couple of hours but during this time the Policía Local had to inform arriving beachgoers that they could not procede.

The area affected was some 300 lineal metres of beach starting near Restaurante Los Moriscos.

Around early afternoon, the parking area near Los Moriscos was completely full, which was a sure sign that there were too many people on the beach.The Policía Local and the Junta’s auxiliary beach helpers checked and found that the beach was already over the limit.

The Lifeguards set about asking people to move to other areas along the beach which were not so congested. It should be remembered that Playa de Poniente, which leads on from Playa Granada, has a much higher occupation capacity than its neighbour.

The summer has only just begun with this first July weekend and already there are problems over people crowding too close to each other on the beaches.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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