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Six Hours No Heartbeat

By Editor

It's all over the news; a British woman survives six hours with her heart stopped, thanks to Spanish doctors in Barcelona. »

Granada’s High-Speed Link

By Martin Myall

At long last, high-speed trains (AVEs) started operating out of Granada train station, connect Granada to Madrid in just over three hours. »

High-Speed Train to Madrid

By Martin Myall

Tests on the high-speed-train connection between Granada and Madrid are rapidly concluding, with the service soon to be operative. »

Polish Hitman Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional, the Catalan regional police and the Polish police managed to arrest a Polish hitman in Málaga in a combined operation. »

Grandad Bank Robbers

By Martin Myall

The Catalan regional police, together with the Policía Nacional, arrested two bank robbers aged 73 and 80-years old. »

The Husky Hustle

By Martin Myall

Buying things on the Internet, especially from private sales, can be dodgy, as was the case of a Siberian-Husky-puppy sale. »

Swedish Criminal Arrested

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil, as part of Operation Dajir, have arrested a Swedish national of Somalian origin belonging to a dangerous drugs gang. »

Ferry Knocks Over Dock Crane

By Vivienne Hughes

There was quite a scare in the Port of Barcelona yesterday when a huge ferry collided with the dock, knocking over a large dockside crane. »

NGO Rescue Ship Leaves

By Vivienne Hughes

After less than a month docked in Motril Port, the NGO ship belonging to Open Arms is slipping its cable and moving on for good. »

Dutch Sexual Predator Captured

By Vivienne Hughes

The most wanted sexual predator from the Netherlands was arrested in a small commune outside Barcelona this weekend past. »

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