Orgiva Caravan Break-In

ALP ORG Los CigarronesThe Guardia Civil in Órgiva arrested a man for allegedly breaking into a caravan belonging to visiting tourists.

The victims had only been in town a couple of days as they were looking into buying a smallholding  as a place to live. In the meantime, they had their van and caravan parked up in the area of the municipality known as Los Cigarrones.

It was during the afternoon of the 12th that the victims saw the accused – who has a healthy criminal record – allegedly loitering near the parked vehicles. When they tried to approach him, he ran off.

Upon inspecting their vehicles, they saw that access to the batteries of both the van and the caravan had been forced and the batteries had been removed. The driver’s window of the van had been smashed and one of the caravan’s, as well. They found that a camera, mobile and a GPS device had been stolen, together with a set of loudspeakers and a drill.

The Guardia Civil began investigating the thefts and thanks to the description given by the victims were able to identify the suspect from police ID photos, which matched the finger prints left at the scene of the crime.

This same man had been investigated for a similar theft in Órgiva during January this year.

(News: Orgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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