Cyber Attack on Hospitals

AND Policia Nacional antipornAs if the country’s hospitals didn’t have enough to cope with, they have been the target of a computer virus designed to crash a system.

There has been a massive email attack addressed to medical personnel containing such a virus, informed the Policía Nacional.

But it’s not only individual medical personnel that have received them, as disclosed in a press call convoked by the Deputy Director of Operations for the Coronavirus Technical Management Committee, Jose Ángel González. There have been other emails that have viruses designed to access the health system, infect computers and obtain passwords and personal information.

He also called on people in general to be on guard against the more than 200 hoaxes and faux news, whose only purpose is to generate anxiety, fear and panic.

He singled out two: a audio file warning of an imminent state of Emergency, advising recipients to stock pile supplies from supermarkets. The other faux news is about a fictitious prison riot in a Spanish prison but using footage of such a mutiny in an Italian prison recently.

To combat this the operative commanders of the Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional point out that prevention is the best form of defence. In other words, if you are not certain of the origin or authenticity of an attachment, don’t open it. As far as hospital staff go, they have been advised to report any suspicious email straight to the police, even though they are scanning the web for such computer-attack viruses.

Editorial comment: during this present crisis I have personally seen so many faux-news, group Whatsapps, with “forward this to everybody you know…” etc. It appears that gullibility is as rampant as the Coronavirus at the moment. Forward nothing unless you’ve verified its authenticity – that’s the only way to stop this.

(News: Spain)

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