Hoax: Aerial Spraying

SPN Aeria Spraying HoaxThe Ministry of Defence has warned of a hoax claiming that they are spraying Andalusian cities from the air in order to disinfect them.

The hoax reads. “Friends, those that have washing out, close your windows between midnight and four in the morning; they are fumigating Sevilla, Madrid, Málaga and Cádiz. Pass it on.”

This hoax on whatsapp went viral in rapid time, which is why the MoD has made a statement to put people’s minds at rest.

Editorial comment: off with their pods! These irresponsible jokers should literally be locked up; not in their houses, but in prison. Basically, if you get a whatsapp, no matter from whom, urging you to pass it on, don’t do it – you could not only be passing on hoax information, but computer viruses as well…. and we have all had enough of viruses, right?

(News: Spain)

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