Scheduled Operations Suspended

GRA PTS HospitalAll scheduled operations (other than cancer-related ones), that require the ICU have been postponed so that the unit will be available for Covid-19 patients.

The Regional Health & Family Board also announced that all medical, follow-up appointments or diagnosis tests will be postponed, as well. Again, this does not affect oncology patients.

These measure will come into effect as of this coming Monday

Furthermore the Chairman of the said Health Board, Jesús Aguirre, also announced that they are studying the option of recalling doctors who have retired in the last three years. The Board also consulted 10 heads of public and private universities of medicine concerning the possibility of incorporating on a temporary basis final-year students in Medicina y Enfermería.

“Taking into account the evolution of the pandemia, we are putting into action all contingency plans belonging to the Andalusian Health System, both in public and private hospitals,” he assured.

He also assured that not only would they maintain all oncological follow-up clinical appointments, diagnostic tests and treatment, but that they would also maintain: all emergency operations, child birth, caesarian delivery and activity related with transplants and transfusions. All complex illnesses that require hospital treatment are maintained, too.

(News: Andalucia)

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