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Returned Murderess Hoax

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Local in Motril have debunked a hoax going around the town at the moment about a murderess who had been released and had returned to Motril. »

Salobreña Bomb Hoax

By Hugh MacArthur

Around 14.00h today there was a bomb-scare hoax in Salobreña, which had the emergency services speeding to the scene. »

Missing Girl Hoax

By Martin Myall

There's a 'missing girl' hoax going around the social media and the Policía Local in the city of Granada are warning people not to be taken in by it. »

Jitters, Hoaxes & Rumours

By Martin Myall

(GIL) Unfortunately, the Barcelona terrorist attacks have spawned irresponsible online hoaxes about attacks across the country, especially in Granada. »

Thankfully A Hoax

By Martin Myall

Everybody was stunned when the news broke that a father in Granada had offered his own 11-year son for prostitution on the social media. The father had added that the lad was "used to being raped," so not to worry. »

Hornet Sex Hoax?

By David Darby

Why let the truth get in the way of a good story… or so the saying goes. But we have to confess to being more than a tad disappointed that this story, that was doing the worldwide rounds of the Internet, may well be a hoax. It concerns a Swedish farmer called Hasse and... »

Hoax Bomb Threat

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil post in Órgiva received a mysterious package, followed shortly by a hoax bomb-threat call. After calling in the bomb-disposal squad (GEDEX) and evacuating the police station, which is situated in the centre of the town, they were not impressed when it turned out to be a hoax. »

Crafty Councillor

By Martin Myall

On the 9th of September there was a new article in the Ideal about how a three young men had allegedly faked an armed robbery. The following day the same paper revealed that one of them was the Youth Councillor and Vice-Mayor in Píñar. »

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