One Millionth Castle Visitor

SAL Castillio One MillionSalobreña castle has just had its first 1,000,000th visitor on Friday. Olivar y Patrice from France stepped through the door at 13.00h.

The Mayor was present and handed over a placard bearing the title as well as a commemorative gift.

Mayor Rufino said that the castle was the town’s number-one asset, more so even than the beaches; she said that it was the jewel in the crown of what Salobreña has to offer visitors.

She also pointed out that after the latest archeological finds we should call it a alcazaba rather than a castillo. An alcazaba is basically a fortified town whereas a castle was merely a military structure within whose walls there was no settlement. The word Alcazar, on the other hand, correspondes to a ‘keep; ‘ in other words the inner defence where the lord would have his residence and ‘last-ditch refuge’ in a siege.

During 2019 this monument received 55,847 visits; a figure 4,000 superior to the 2018 one. The busiest day was Good Friday on the 19th of April.

As for who visits the castle, 60% are Spaniards, mainly families and retired couples. As for foreign visitors, most come from France, Germany and the UK, mostly in Autumn and Winter.

On average, 154 people day visit the castle, translating into some 50,000 people a year.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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