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Concert in the Fortress

By Louise Powell

Tomorrow night will see a chance to tune into some boleros, mambos, rumbas, tangos, cha-cha-chas, in La Herradura fortress. »

A Night Out…

By Martin Myall

How would you like to rid yourself of a pert 7.5 euros that have been idling in your pocket? We have a cunning plan! »

Bike Meet at the Fort

By Martin Myall

Right, you still have today to make your way along to the castle (fort) in La Herradura to join in the fun at the bike meet there. »

Spectacular Free-Style Show

By Hugh MacArthur

Chiringuito Chambao de Vicente was chosen as the venue for the announcement of the upcoming I Freestyle Show de Motocross in La Herradura. »

Herradura’s I Castle Festival

By Louise Powell

La Herradura is holding its I Festival Noches en el Castillo, starting tonight, with a variety of different music styles. »

La Herradura Beach Road Tarmacking

By Martin Myall

We spoke to the foreman on the La Herradura, beach roadworks on Wednesday the 20th and he said it would be finished by Friday - and it was. »

Castle Criticism

By Hugh MacArthur

The Salobreña opposition party, the PP, is not happy with how the governing party is running the castle. »

Carchuna Castle Controversy

By Martin Myall

The 24th of May will see the 80th anniversary of the rescue of Republican prisoners of war held captive in Carchuna fort. »

Salobreña Castle Disappointment

By Vivienne Hughes

The Mayor of Salobreña is not happy that restoration work on the castle has been overlooked again by Central Government where grants are concerned. »

Salobreña Paseo Grant Lost

By Hugh MacArthur

The main opposition party in Salobreña, the PP, has racked up some body blows against the ruling party over the loss of a Paseo-de-las-Flores grant. »

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