Town Hall 1 – Salomar 0

SAL Salomar 2000 tennis court demolitionSalobreña Town Hall received a timely Christmas present in the form of a judicial decision in their favour. For the Salomar 2000 Residents, who lost, it was a different matter.

We can say that it all goes back to 2015 when a storm gobbled up part of the paseo down that end, but it really goes back to 1970 when Urbanización Salomar 2000 was built with part of it on public, right-of-way land.

Anyway, in 2015 the paseo had to be rebuilt in such a way as to be protected from future storms meaning that it would occupy land belonging to Salomar; namely part the pool area and tennis courts.

The Town Hall offered to exchange the land that they needed for two  pieces of land behind the buildings,  which were jointly much bigger. However, the property owners (1,400 in 714 flats) didn’t want to do the swap and considered instead that the Town Hall did not have the right to expropriate the land, so they took the affair to  court in 2016, affectively bringing all work on the paseo to a halt.

SAL Salomar ControversyThis latest and final court sentence backs the Town Hall and throws out the provincial law courts sentence that backed the Salomar residents.

With the Supreme Courts sentence under their arm, the Town Hall can get back to Costas to get them to reactivate the paseo work and finish it.

Now, it is only for the Comisión Provincial de Valoración to set the amount of compensation that the Town Hall will have to pay for the said compulsory purchase. The Town Council originally offered a sum of 80,000 euros, whereas Salomar wanted 700,000 euros.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)



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