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Town Hall 1 – Salomar 0

By Martin Myall

Salobreña Town Hall received a timely Christmas present in the form of a judicial decision in their favour. For the Salomar 2000 Residents, who lost, it was a different matter. »

Storm Thwarts Voyage

By Louise Powell

The replica of the Spanish carrack, Nao Victoria, has had to turn back to Almería Port to shelter from the storm that is lashing the Mar de Alborán. »

Ana Stormed In & Off

By Hugh MacArthur

(COE10) It's been a windy week on the Costa Tropical, thanks to a storm called Ana which hit the area this Monday; termed in Spanish as an explosive-cyclogenesis storm. »

Flash Floods & Hailstones

By David Darby

Almuñécar, like many other towns on the Costa Tropical, saw torrential rain and hailstones during a storm at around 19.00h today. »

Strong Winds Pound the Coast

By Martin Myall

High winds, snow and rain sweeps over Spain. On the Costa Tropical, high-running surf pounds La Guardia beach (between La Caleta and the Peñon) in Salobreña »

Mini Tornado hits Costa Tropical?

By David Darby

Most residents along the Costa Tropical expected a thunderstorm, but nobody, not even the meteorologists expected a mini tornado, which is supposedly what visited Salobreña and Motril, according to various TV channels. »

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