Tanker Driver Tanked Up

AND A-7 Puerto de BanusThe Traffic Police (GC) in collaboration with the Policía Local from Marbella caught a lorry driver six times over the limit for alcohol.

The lorry driver, behind the wheel of a 40-tonne tanker, had been zig-zagging between the two lanes on the A-7 where it passes through the municipality of Marbella, occasionally banging into the centre crash barrier.

The driver, 46-year-old, L.M.M.A.,had ignored attempts by a municipal-police patrol car to pull over. They finally managed to get him to pull over where the autovía passes by Puerto Banus and carried out a breathaliser.

The reading was 0.97 mg/l of air expelled. The limit for professional drivers is only 0.15 mg/l, however, meaning was six times over the limit.

In the meantime, a tailback had formed covering seven kilometres on the westbound lanes of the autovía. This was why the Guardia Civil was needed; to clear the jam and get the lorry off the autovía so that it could be immobilised.

Editorial comment: we don’t know what he was hauling, but if had been alcohol, then the trailer was empty because it was obviously all in his blood stream… just saying!

(News: Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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