Whatsapp Shake Up

Headblast UnicornWhatsapp, which belongs to Facebook, will soon no longer work on certain smartphone, operating systems, come 2020.

Those mobiles that use Android 2.3.7 or earlier, as well as iPhones using IOS 8 or earlier will not be able to run Whatsapp as of the 1st of February next year.

However, it is already impossible to create a Whatsapp account or verify yourself as the user, although those who already have it installed under these operating systems can continue to use them until February.

If you have a Window’s operating system, then it’s worse because the cut off date is the 31st of December this year. It doesn’t matter even if you have the latest version (Windows 10) because it’s ‘good night and the last one out switches off the lights,’ for the Windows gang.

According to Statscounter, only 0.17% of smartphone users run them on Windows. In the case of Spain, it’s only 0.09%. This Windows move should come as no surprise because Microsoft Store gave the warning back on the 1st of July.

More info can be found on the FAQs on the official Whatsapp webpage.

Editorial comment: Am I mightily miffed with these bloody stupid, multi-coloured unicorns that have become obligatory on the emoji-choice board for Whatsapp! They’re stuck right at the beginning and were obviously meant for schoolgirls and for the away-with-the-fairies brigade.

(News: Spain)

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