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XP Bites the Dust

Barring a corporate directive, April 8, 2014 is the ‘burial’ date for Microsoft’s long-running and beloved Windows XP operating system.

Critiquing Windows 8

Unless you’ve been incommunicado for a few months, you know that Microsoft’s new ‘baby’ is out in full force: Windows 8 operating system is now shipping as standard on new PCs. We’ve used it for a month (after 2 years on Windows 7) and can give you a hands-on report with pros and cons, keeping in mind that this system was primarily designed as a mobile-centric operating system to be used with tactile screens. Let’s start with changes that could be considered ‘cons’ for many…

Ultrabooks: PART 1

Are you in the market for a new laptop? No doubt you will find much ado about the new Ultrabooks that the top PC makers are applauding. Finally, the rest of the industry has managed to manufacture some competition to Apple’s MACBook Air Purported to be the slimmest, fastest and most innovative laptop, the Air operates only wirelessly and comes with typical Apple software such as iPhoto, FaceTime, etc.

Vuestra Casa

When passing through La Herradura, I noticed Nico had a brand-new sign outside his shop advertising his wares! So when I called in to see him we had a chat about the various types of jobs he has done and enjoyed.