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Whatsapp Shake Up

By Martin Myall

Whatsapp, which belongs to Facebook, will soon no longer work on certain smartphone, operating systems, come 2020. »

Is It Worth The Hassle?

By Hugh MacArthur

Alcaucín in the Axarquia has a Belgian Mayor, Mario Blancke, there appears to be a movement to have a Spanish one. »

No Heineken Freebies!

By Martin Myall

Online scams are abundant; everything from Nigerian princes wanting to give you a cut of their wealth, to duff online purchases. Here's the latest. »

Jitters, Hoaxes & Rumours

By Martin Myall

(GIL) Unfortunately, the Barcelona terrorist attacks have spawned irresponsible online hoaxes about attacks across the country, especially in Granada. »

Pigs and Piglets

By Martin Myall

Two young men are being investigated by the Guardia Civil over a case of cruelty to animals; i.e., crushing 72 piglets to death for fun. »

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