Unreasonable Costas?

MOT El Espeto Parking Fenced OffThe Central-Government department, Costas has decided to fence off the parking in front of a chiringuito on Playa Granada.

During the height of summer this same administrative entity began fining beach-goers for parking on the beach next to the roadside, on one of the widest beaches in Motril, causing a tremendous wave of indignation and frontal opposition from locals and the Town Hall.

Now, with the autumn upon us, workers were out putting in posts to deny access to the parking area in front of a chiringuitorestaurante, El Espeto. The said workers also erected a sign prohibiting parking on the ‘beach.’

The parking area has space for 30 vehicles and lies around 100 metres from the shore.

It was only a matter of months ago that the whole restaurante had to move 30 metres closer to the road to comply with the unbending norms laid down by Costas; an entity that has its provincial offices in Granada, completely divorced in proximity to the beaches of the Costa Tropical.

Even more troubling was that the restaurant owners received no notification of what was about to happen – they just turned up Monday morning to open up and found workmen embedding the posts across the entrance to the parking area.

The owner said, “I’m not asking them to let cars past to park but they could at least leave an area for delivery vehicles.” At the moment, deliveries are manageable but in the summer when they triple their demand for supplies, it will be unsustainable.

As for Costas, they have justified their decision by observing that “during the summer cars continued to park on the beach.” They said, “the land where customers park does not belong to the chiringuito but belongs instead to the State.” They concluded that parking on the sand is illegal and that there is a nearby parking area that customers can use.

The Chairman of the association of chiringuito owners, Francisco Trujillo, considers that this latest act demonstrates a lack of understanding by Costas. He also pointed out that his association, the Chamber of Commerce and the business association AECOST requested an urgent meeting with Costas on two occasions; once in August and once in September but received no reply.

Editorial comment: restaurants, etc, are obliged by law to provide access ramps for those with mobility problems, yet here we are where such users can’t even park near the establishment, let alone use a ramp. Bureaucrats should be shot at birth…

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Whatsapp)

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  1. Tina Emmott
    October 20, 2019 at 8:44 am

    Smacks of Communism! I am the law and you must obey – no questions asked, no answers given.

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