Rubbish and Rumours

MOT RubbishWhen the Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, announced that she would be externalising refuse collection, not everybody was a happy bunny.

By ‘externalising’ she meant that it would be farmed out to a private company, whereas this task was traditionally carried out by municipal workers or the semi-public set up, Limdeco.

Almost half a dozen workers unions immediately contacted the Town Hall, both for clarification and to express their “surprise and deception.” They wanted a meeting with the Mayor immediately.

The problem seems to be that Mayor García Chamorro skipped the established mechanisms to inform those most affected: the present refuse-collection workforce on the municipal payroll.

The bottom line is that the said unions are against privatising the sector.

The unions consider that the accord reached in 2014 for a major cash input to modernise and increase the material assets, such as vehicles and machinery, didn’t materialise. Not only the present administration but the one before it have both ignored this commitment, allegedly allowing the service to deteriorate and thus justify privatising municipal rubbish collection.

It should be remembered that last week the Mayor announced a move to privatise the service whilst reassuring that the eight municipal employees engaged in the task would be employed elsewhere within the municipal departments.

Furthermore, readers may remember our article covering the state of the dustbin lorries (refuse trucks) when two of the three vehicles broke down leaving only one to carry out the rubbish collection around the whole municipality – an impossible task.

Editorial comment: call it a hunch but it would not be a surprise if FCC did not bag the contract, as they hold such contracts wherever the PP governs.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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