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Rubbish and Rumours

By Martin Myall

When the Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, announced that she would be externalising refuse collection, not everybody was a happy bunny. »

Two Down, One to Go!

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril suffered a rubbish-collection crisis in the last week of last month when two thirds of the rubbish collection fleet out of action. »

Easter Refuse Collection Times

By Vivienne Hughes

The rubbish-collection times in Almuñécar will change for the duration of Semana Santa on certain avenues, central streets and squares. »

Recycling Plant Search

By Martin Myall

The Provincial Homicides Brigade is looking into the hypothesis that the body of a missing elderly man is in a municipal refuse recycling plant. »

Frigiliana Rocks!

By Editor

The Frigiliana Town Hall has become the sixth municipality in the province of Málaga to approve a 95% Plusvalia discount on Inheritance (mortis-causa). »

Cortijo Rubbish Collection

By Vivienne Hughes

Two years ago,for the first time, cortijo owners in Motril received a rubbish-collection tax through their letter box - they were not impressed. »

Rubbish Collection Switch Over

By Hugh MacArthur

Well, summer's over, bar the shouting, so it's back to normal rubbish-collection times in Almuñécar, explained the Town Hall. »

Illegal Dumping

By Hugh MacArthur

The indiscriminate dumping of household furniture and other items in Almuñécar and La Herradura is causing concern. »

Summer Rubbish Collection

By Vivienne Hughes

The Almuñécar Town Hall would like it known that from the 22nd of June through to the 15th of September rubbish collection times will adapt to summer hours. »

Semana Santa Rubbish Collection

By Vivienne Hughes

The rubbish-collection service in Almuñécar will have different times to normal over Semana Santa, informed the Councillor for the Environment. »

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