Motril Bricklands Expand

MOT Playa Velilla New Builds 05Between the beginning of 2016 and the end of 2018, new builds in Motril increased in number by 50%. Brick is on the rise.

When you compare the 2016 figure (116) and the 2018 figure (233) against the 2014 number (8), you can clearly see that the construction trade in the Costa Tropical’s largest town has awoken.

So far this year, building developers have plans to commence the construction of 288 dwellings.

The Town Hall, on the other hand, has plans to expand the Rambla de Los Álamos area and the area next to the Parque de Las Americas (the park next to the Tourist Information Office) with a combined capacity of 2,000 dwellings between them.

But it’s not all in the centre of Motril because Playa Granada is sprouting construction cranes for the task of building new blocks of flats and individual dwellings.

The Residencial Mar de Astrida, next to the golf course, is maturing as a project and already has a licence to build 165 dwellings, with the ground infrastructure for the First Phase already under way.

The building structures in the north of Playa Granada that have lain dormant for over five years are starting to move again with 70 flats within the two blocks.

Furthermore the Head of Urban Development, Juan Fernando Pérez, said that there is already a building licence for 92 dwellings and another one for 95 flats belonging to the Second Phase of Los Moriscos.

And of course there are projects for flats to be built on the land occupied by the old bus station, three chalets on Playa Granada, as well as next to El Día supermarket, and even the  El Nacla area where there is a project for 70 flats (although this project is still blocked.)

Editorial comment: Anyway, the list  goes on and as much as we might turn our noses up at the relentless advance of brick and mortar, a brickies salary is spent in shops, bars and restaurants because the construction trade puts oxygenated blood into the arteries of the local economy. The trick is, not letting it become the main support of the economy because there is always a building bubble just round the corner.

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  1. John Dymond
    October 6, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    Which means that business people who would like a little peace and quiet away from the noise and bustle of town life should think of moving 19/15 minuets out of town, the Autovia is already in place.

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