Long Overdue Payout

COS A-7We now all trundle along the completed A-7 without a second thought but there are those for whom the A-7 project is not over.

We’re talking about the landowners who lost their farmland to compulsory purchase orders to make way for the A-7. The trouble is, they’re still waiting for some of their money.

The A-7 gobbled up the land of 3,400 landowners, who eventually received the established sums and the interest which mounted up over the five to tens years that it took to get paid. But what they didn’t receive was the interest on the interest.

So, 350 landowners took the Ministry of Public Works (Fomento) to court over it. According to the lawyers who represent 150 of those 350, the sums received by their clients was wrong so they lodged a lawsuit claiming the difference.

It was at the beginning of this year that the ministry began to pay the interest, which ranges between 3,000 and 6,000 per ex-landowner. (by a quirk of coincidence, exactly equivalent to half a million and one million pesetas). The trouble was that 100 ex-landowners’ names had disappeared from the compensation list and the other 50 received the wrong (inferior) pay out.

So, the affair is at the courts and in the meantime nothing is being paid over, which means that there is interest being earnt on the missing interest.

It’s a bit of a David & Goliath affair; it is, after all, the Road Department they’re taking on and a couple of hundred people squabbling over the interest on the interest that they owe is not exactly going to keep the relevant bigwig up and awake at night, is it.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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