Autovía Gun Prank

Sunday, October 6, 2019
By Hugh MacArthur

SPN detencion-ribadesellaFour youngsters were arrested for pointing a shotgun at other drivers on an autovía in Cantabria, in the north of Spain.

The operations centre of the Guardia Civil in Oviedo received the first call at 11.15h in the morning and immediately directed patrol cars to intercept the culprits.

It was a patrol car based in Ribadesella together with another one from Llanes that tracked them down after the suspects’ car left the autovía and entered the centre of Ribadesella.

In the end the shotgun, as described by the first caller, turned out to be only an air rifle but even so they still contravened laws governing the use of weapons. They were also charged with causing a public hazard.

(News: Ribadesella, Cantabria)

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