Reckless Riders Rogered

SAL scooter riderTwo young adults had been annoying Salobreña residents with endless charging around on a moped-scooter until the Policía Local ended up confiscating it.

The rebels were stopped near Restaurante el Peñón and their infernal machine removed from their furtive mitts. Both teenage adults had been taking turns at riding it, which, by the way, had no insurance and other necessary papers.

The police had received several complaints from locals concerning the moped-scooter racing at break-neck speed along streets, including pedestrian ones.

At present the bike languishes within the confines of the municipal-police station and the hell riders are pending an appearance before a magistrate for recklessly riding a bike through areas prohibited to motor vehicles and lacking a valid insurance policy.

Editorial note: I couldn’t find the corresponding photograph to this item of news but decided that this rampaging demon-on-wheels would do…

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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