No Fireworks for Ítrabo

MOT fireworks2The fiestas in Ítrabo won’t be going with a bang because the firework display has been cancelled owing to the present drought conditions.

The Town Hall was informed by the provincial delegate for the Junta that “owing to the proximity of woodland and tinder-dry grassland” the idea of finishing the village fiestas this Saturday with rockets has fizzled out.

The Junta says that it bases this decision on the advice given by Infoca, the forest-fire service. In other words, whenever the Junta gets a request for permission to hold a summer firework display, they put it past Infoca, who run around the room screaming at the very idea – and who could blame them?

The Canary Islands have been turned into an ashtray and Estepona is recovering from a devastating blaze, too, so thanks, but no thanks.

The Mayor of Ítrabo, Antonio Jesús Carrascosa Valverde, said that they are searching around for an event to substitute the firework display, but unless they come up with throwing rubber goats out of the bell tower or chasing foreign tourists through the streets wearing Semana Santa pointy garb and armed with nooses, the grand finale will probably be a bit of a flop.

(News: Itrabo, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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