Stain Worries Tourist Sector

SAL Stain is BackThe floating stain that keeps appearing and disappearing off Salobreña’s beaches is causing concern amongst local businesses.

The Chairman of the Asociación de Chiringuitos, Francisco Trujillo, pointed out that this kind of incident is very negative for the sector and for the whole of the municipality.

“We hope that a solution is found as soon as possible because these things always affect the sector,” he said.

He recognised that the stain’s components are of a natural kind, as was the case last year when analysis showed that it was made up of micro-algas, and said that bathers would be more at ease knowing this instead of thinking that it is something noxious.

To date, the results of the samples taken last week by Seprona are still not known although it is hoped that they will be made public this week, explained the Mayor, María Eugenia Rufino.

The Head of Aula del Mar at the Universidad de Granada, Pedro Sánchez, said that the colour could be a clue as to its components: if it’s green it’s usually algas. There are also colour clues as to whether there are chemicals involved, but he didn’t expound upon them.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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