Niche Plaque for Luis Augusto

ALM Luis MaldonatorIt looks like Luis Augusto (Maldoneitor) who used to busk in Almuñécar and was well known amongst Almuñécar Musicians, will have his niche plaque.

Luis, who was originally from Argentina but had lived here since the early 80s, was interred at the expense of the Town Hall, as is the custom for those who die without the financial resources to pay for burial.

Together with Luis’s niche, there is one for a nameless immigrant whose bodies had been washed ashore.

A family from Almería who spend their summer holidays in Almuñécar will be donating the the niche plaque. The husband is called Luis and is married to an Almuñécar woman, Irene Fernández Justo. The family run a business (Artesanos García Blesa ) in Macael, Almería.

It was a bit sad to see that somebody has replied to this announcement on Facebook, asking why should Luis Augosto get a plaque when the nameless lad from Senegal did not, implying that as the latter is African, he has been overlooked. In response it was suggested to this person that he or she paid for the Senegalese’s niche plaque.

However, the difference is that Luis Augusto lived here for over 30 years and was a well-known resident and it has nothing to do with his origin nor skin colour.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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