No Licence, No Helmet, No Sense

AND No Licence, Not Helmet, No SenseThe Policía Local in Granada arrested a young man for not wearing a helmet and for doing wheelies, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

The scooter in question had no numberplate, somebody had filed off the chassis number and… when he was stopped, the bike was hot-wired.

Under those circumstances… would you be doing wheelies down a street? But let’s not get distracted by this person’s IQ…

So, there was the 23-year-old man, hammering down Calle La Linea, on one wheel around 19.00h on the 20th of January when he just happened to whistle by a patrol car – he had wanted to attract attention and he was in luck.

Consequently, F.M.C.J., who flopped out into a surgeon’s hands in 1995, already intent upon ending up in the hands of the law, now faces an array of charges, the least of which was not wearing a helmet…

He faces fines and even prison for: dangerous driving, vehicle theft, driving a motor vehicle without a licence, ITV or insurance… or numberplate and the falsification of offical documents (destroying the bike’s chassis number is considered as forgery).

So, what grief can he expect? Well between six months and two years in prison for the forgery charge; three to six months for driving without a licence; one year to three years for vehicle theft… and around 3,000 euros in fines.

So, we can deduce he will soon be flopping into the hands of prison wardens, although the speed of judicial proceedings probably means not before his 40th birthday.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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