Feeding Puppies to a Python

AND Python FeedersA judge in Granada has acquitted a couple of feeding live puppies to their pet python – they had been facing a year’s suspended imprisonment, if found guilty.

The judge considered that there was no way of proving that the animals were alive when they were fed to the snake.

The whole reason that it ended up in court was that the couple had taken a photo of the snake feeding in order to sell it online – the image was not clear enough to determine whether they were already dead.

The Asociación Animalista Montes Orientales had denounced Raúl C. V. and María A. M., in 2017, hiring the private prosecution lawyer Aritz Toribio but the Public Prosecutor lead the prosecution.

Sr Toribio says that neither his client or the P.P. is happy with the sentence and are contemplating appealing against the finding.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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