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Almuñécar Prisoner in Colombia

The 28-year-old Almuñécar woman, Alejandra Pozo Martín, who is doing time in Colombia is a step closer to returning home to complete her prison sentence. The family of this mother of four has moved heaven and earth to get her out of the Colombian jail in Medellín, as her health is rapidly failing. Thanks to…

Norwegian Beard Toupée

We’re off to Hordaland county in Norway now, where a man in his 40’s has found himself with the possibility of doing some jail time after shaving off his beard and gluing it to another man’s bald head to create a ‘beard toupee.’

3-Years for Drug Smuggler

The Motril Court has sentenced a man to 3-years in prison for trying to smuggle drugs into Spain. The vehicle was stopped at the Port of Motril and found to have a false bottom, which contained 338 kilograms of hashish.

Briton Sentenced to Jail

Alan M.D. has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend on the 29th of May 2009. The man, who resides in Orihela (Alicante) stabbed her to death, inflicting 47 knife wounds.