La Herradura’s Independence Row

LHR BayThe PSOE opposition party in La Herradura accuses the First Councillor, Juan José Ruíz Joya, over his words on independence.

The PSOE Spokesperson, Pablo Ruiz said, “it is surprising that Sr. Ruiz Joya has ‘consulted’ the Junta on the 21st of November despite having never convoked the municipal commission charged with negotiating/administrating a possible ELA (semi-independent arrangement) for La Herradura,” adding that Sr. Ruiz Joya is the Chairman of the commission and as such, is the only person who can convoke the commission.

Things were not improved when the First Councillor announced on a social-media website that the Junta had rejected the possibility of an ELA for La Herradura. The PSOE Spokesman points out that the Junta had replied “in the present circumstances and under the relevant legislation the constitution of La Herradura as an ELA is not viable.”

Why this last point is important, for the said Spokesman, is that the relevant legislation is a law passed in 2013 (LARSAL) by the PP; in other words, by the First Councillors own party who held the Central Government at the time.

Editorial comment: where would the extra money come from to set up a completely independent Town Hall? The are over 8,000 municipalities, each with its town council, 50 provinces, each with its provincial council and 17 autonomous regions, each with its regional parliament… The administrative costs of running Spain are ridiculously high considering the country’s population.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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