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La Herradura’s Independence Row

The PSOE opposition party in La Herradura accuses the First Councillor, Juan José Ruíz Joya, over his words on independence. The PSOE Spokesperson, Pablo Ruiz said, “it is surprising that Sr. Ruiz Joya has ‘consulted’ the Junta on the 21st of November despite having never convoked the municipal commission charged with negotiating/administrating a possible ELA…

Brief Independence?

Torrenueva and Carchuna-Calahonda fought for a long time to gain administrative independence from Motril, eventually achieving it, albeit to a semi-autonomous degree, but now with the Government cuts, their independent state can be very brief, indeed.

Independence Day

Political parties including the PP, PSOE and IUPA have met and set out a roadmap to support the push for La Herradura to become self-governing, however, is does require that the pro-ELA independence group win over the people and be able to get enough support to ensure an independent La Herradura town hall. The initials…