Taking Stock of Housing Needs

MOT Construction CranesThe Motril Town Hall has taken a good look at the town’s housing and has decided that Motril needs more.

This is the conclusion of a study that was drawn up with  across-the-board approval in one of the recent, Town-Council, Plenary Meetings.

The said document, the Plan Municipal de Vivienda y Suelo, means to make it easier for people to find new housing, as well as promote the renovation of existing buildings.

The Councillor for Urban Development and Public Works, Antonio Escámez, says that the PMVS received initial approval in June and after a period of 30 days in which objections to the plan could be submitted, it was returned to the Town Council for definitive approval.

The following is what the study came up with: within ten years 19,000 Motrileños will leave home (their parents’) so there will be a demand for around 7,000 dwellings, 2,000 of which will be VPOs (government subsidised housing) and the rest normal private housing.

Thanks to this information, says the Councillor, Motril can plan to provide sufficient VPO and privately financed housing within the PGOU (General Urban Development Plan).

As mentioned above, part of the PMVS contemplates the renovation of existing housing, starting with the 45 VPOs in the Barrio de Cerrillo Jaime (which are already 30 years old). Also contemplated are the houses in the Divina Pastora (five buildings over 50-years old).

The Councillor says that the state of housing in the municipality in general is good but that the average age of buildings is 40 years, which means that they are, or soon will be, in need of renovation work.

For this reason the PMVS contemplates extending grants to property owners to renovate their property on condition that they rent them out as alquiler sociales (social rentals; i.e., reduced, rental prices for low-incoming families).

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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