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Taking Stock of Housing Needs

By Vivienne Hughes

The Motril Town Hall has taken a good look at the town's housing and has decided that Motril needs more. »

Controversial Caleta Cranes

By Martin Myall

Not a lot has happened over the past months in La Caleta, as far as the VPO’s go. Precisely for that reason, locals are worried about the construction cranes there. There concern stems from the fact that these towering structures are not receiving any maintenance. Should one of them come down, not only are... »

La Caleta VPO’s Continued

By Martin Myall

Neither the buildersn or the development company for the VPO's (government subsidized housing) in La Caleta, Salobreña, have offered any explanation as to why the housing is not ready for handing over, as promised. »

Residencia La Caleta

By Martin Myall

When the building boom was in full swing, houses were springing up everywhere – no matter how unlikely the spot. Why was Salobreña’s municipal annex, La Caleta going to be any different? »

Building Project Stalled

By Editor

The construction company behind a VPO project (government subsidized housing for low income families) has declared itself in a state of bankruptcy, bringing work on the building site in El Moruno to a halt. »

VPO’s for Órgiva

By Editor

Órgiva will have its first VPO’s next year. VPO stands for Vivienda de Protección Official; i.e., government subsidized housing for low-income families. »

VPO’s For Almuñécar

By Editor

And now onto something completely different… thanks to a subsidized housing project, there is some construction work going. Work in that sector fell so low that whereas before we lived in a forest of building cranes, now the mere glimpse at a building crane in action is something out of the ordinary. As far... »

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