The Metro, Mopeds & Amazement

GRA Why Waste GasShoppers who had piled out of the Nevada Shopping Centre to catch the Metro were surprised to see a young lad with his scooter on the crowded platform.

They thought that he was waiting to pick somebody up, but he wasn’t because he wheeled his mean machine into the carriage. Holding onto the brake handle with one hand he whipped out his mobile and then began a lively chat, as if putting a 49cc bike into a train carriage was quite a reasonable and normal thing to do.

Quite apart from taking up room for passengers, the problem is that if the train driver has to brake suddenly (and they frequently do because car drivers still haven’t got used to coming across electric trains at road junctions) then it may well be thrown against people inside.

A spokesperson for the Granada Metro admitted that they had, at first, missed the barmy biker, after complaints had rolled in, saying that the CCTV at the Estación de Sierra Nevada had not registered the vehicle’s presence at 19.32h because there were so many people on the platform.

He also pointed out that there are over 80 CCTV cameras over the metro system (one on each platform of the 23 stops, amongst others) and they are not watching them all continually, which is why the scooter was not spotted.

When they received the complaints it was 19.50h, so they immediately got an inspector to board the train at Estación de Méndez Núñez, who found the scooter owner and told him to get off at the next station, which is the one for the University.

The incident will probably end up in a fine, although the culprit says that he didn’t see any sign that forbids users from boarding with their scooter. However, regulations clearly state that you cannot board with ‘large packages.’

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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