A Friend in Need…

The Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico-Mogán (Gran Canaria) arrested a man for stealing a female friend’s credit card and using it in a brothel.

The suspect, 25-year-old C.M.M.B. then allegedly threatened the victim when he found out that she had reported the theft.

The man spent a total of 2,800 euros by withdrawing cash and spending it in a brothel, back in September. She immediately reported it to the police telling them that she suspected that ‘a friend’ was behind the theft of the card and its illegal use.

Police investigators located the ATM in the port itself and identified the establishment where it was used as a sex club. A total of 1,200 euros had been withdrawn in cash and another 1,585 euros spent in the house of ill repute.

Then on the 30th of that month they received a complaint from the victim saying that she had been threatened with violence by the suspect for having reported him.

The man was finally arrested on the 2nd of October after being positively identified through CCTV images and witnesses at the brothel.

(News: Gran Canarias, the Canary Islands)

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