Brimming Reservoirs

GRA RulesRain is forecast for this weekend, adding to a nice, wet Spring, so it should be no surprise that the reservoirs are doing well.

Not only is it falling out of the sky, but it also draining off the summits of Sierra Nevada, which is filling Rules, for example.

Up near Granada, El Pantano de Canales is nearing 100% full, meaning that they’ll soon have to open the floodgates. Three months ago the Southern Water Board (CHG) classified its virtually empty state as at an emergency level, whereas now its filling at between 500,000 and 750,000 cubic metres a day.

By the way, the last time that they had to release water because it was brimming was 1996. In fact, if this top emptying does not do the trick, then they’ll start bottom emptying, too.

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What about the rest of the province’s reservoirs? Well, Cubillas is 100% full, Portillo is at 97% and Quéntar is at around 94% of its holding capacity.

Which brings us to Bermejales standing at 61%, Béznar, standing at 80% and Rules standing at 83%.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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