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When Halloween Isn’t Halloween

By Martin Myall

Motril, Almuñécar and Otivar decided to postpone Halloween because of the rain and hold it at a later date, which although understandable is illogical. »

Brimming Reservoirs

By Martin Myall

(COH02B) Rain is forecast for this weekend, adding to a nice, wet Spring, so it should be no surprise that the reservoirs are doing well. »

Wet, Wet & Wetter!

By Martin Myall

There have only been brief respites in the rain in the last few days, and we've got at least another week of this to come - lucky trees! »

No Rain… No Fruit

By Hugh MacArthur

(SUK) It really needs to rain and rain properly. We've seen promising skies, thunder, lightening and even a smattering of raindrops. However, the countryside needs sustained rainfall over weeks. »

Explosion in French Nuclear Plant

By Martin Myall

Twenty-four hours after the Spanish Government spoke of authorising the reopening of an ageing nuclear power station in Spain, there has been an explosion in a French one. »

To Rain Or Not To Rain

By Martin Myall

The Spanish say, nunca llueve a gusto de todos and although it concerns rain, it more widely means, you can't please everybody. However, let's talk about rain... »

Rain, Rain, Rain!

By Martin Myall

And about time, too, but not without its inconveniences and political bickering, of course. »

Mamut Padul Bike

By Martin Myall

Sunday the 2nd was a wet day, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the participants or spectators of the Mamut Padul Bike event. »

Flash Floods & Hailstones

By David Darby

Almuñécar, like many other towns on the Costa Tropical, saw torrential rain and hailstones during a storm at around 19.00h today. »

Unimpressive Bank Holiday

By Martin Myall

The early December, bank holiday, El puente de la Constitución, was not good for trade on the coast, but then again, it rarely is as it falls at the end of the Autumn rainy season. »

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