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Three Sudden Deaths

By Hugh MacArthur

Thursday and yesterday saw the deaths of three people across Spain; a tractor driver and two men out walking in different parts of the country. »

When Halloween Isn’t Halloween

By Martin Myall

Motril, Almuñécar and Otivar decided to postpone Halloween because of the rain and hold it at a later date, which although understandable is illogical. »

Brimming Reservoirs

By Martin Myall

(COH02B) Rain is forecast for this weekend, adding to a nice, wet Spring, so it should be no surprise that the reservoirs are doing well. »

Wet, Wet & Wetter!

By Martin Myall

There have only been brief respites in the rain in the last few days, and we've got at least another week of this to come - lucky trees! »

No Rain… No Fruit

By Hugh MacArthur

(SUK) It really needs to rain and rain properly. We've seen promising skies, thunder, lightening and even a smattering of raindrops. However, the countryside needs sustained rainfall over weeks. »

Explosion in French Nuclear Plant

By Martin Myall

Twenty-four hours after the Spanish Government spoke of authorising the reopening of an ageing nuclear power station in Spain, there has been an explosion in a French one. »

To Rain Or Not To Rain

By Martin Myall

The Spanish say, nunca llueve a gusto de todos and although it concerns rain, it more widely means, you can't please everybody. However, let's talk about rain... »

Rain, Rain, Rain!

By Martin Myall

And about time, too, but not without its inconveniences and political bickering, of course. »

Mamut Padul Bike

By Martin Myall

Sunday the 2nd was a wet day, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the participants or spectators of the Mamut Padul Bike event. »

Flash Floods & Hailstones

By David Darby

Almuñécar, like many other towns on the Costa Tropical, saw torrential rain and hailstones during a storm at around 19.00h today. »

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