Market Demolition Closer

ALM Market OnLWell, the Almuñécar Council had its Plenary Meeting and the ruling party, as expected, tabled a motion to draw up a demolition study for the municipal market.

To demolish the building the Council approved a financing-economic study to evaluate how much it will cost and where to find the funds for it, along with the construction of a new market in its place.

The motion was approved with the entire opposition councillors voting against, but as the PP has an absolute majority, that was not a problem.

The fact is that to demolish and rebuild will cost 80% more than repairing the existing one. Furthermore, the regional law (LOUA) does not consider that a building is in a ‘ruinous state’ (as claimed by the PP) if the renovation costs less that 50% of the building’s value; in the case of the market building, the cost does not reach 50%.

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A group of stallholders were at the meeting and they were not happy: “They have driven us to ruin and they couldn’t give a damn!” Of the 70 stalls in the market, 20 have already gone under, as have several businesses in the surrounding streets.

Their final threat was that if the PP approved a demolition and rebuild there would be street protests and they would take the Mayor to court.

Editorial comment: Why is the governing party so set on demolition and rebuild? Have they deliberately dragged their heels these last five years in the hope that the infrastructure deteriorates even more, thus giving greater weight to the demolition option? Is there ‘somebody’ waiting in the wings to get a juicy contract or a chance to build something that has little to do with a traditional municipal market?

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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