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Pit Remains as Car Park

ALM Market Crater Car Park

The pit where the Almuñécar municipal market was will continue as a car park run by the church charity, Cáritas, as had been the case during the summer.

Vélez Market Fiasco

AXA Velez-Malaga San Francisco Market E Cabezas

Whilst Los Almuñequeros wonder how the new municipal market will turn out, the San Francisco, Gourmet municipal market has flopped, many consider.

A Parking Crater

ALM Summer Parking in Old Market

Almuñécar Town Hall has signed an agreement with Cáritas, allowing them to use the crater left by the municipal-market demolition for parking.

Completely Demolished

ALM The Demolished Market

There will continue to be articles, such as this one, about the Almuñécar Municipal Market, even though there is no longer a market to write about.

Market Demolition Begins

ALM Market Demolition April 20

Probably one of the most controversial actions carried out by the Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, is taking place: the demolition of the municipal market.

Mayor Breaks Quarantine Law?

ALM Dismantling Market

The Almuñécar opposition parties are up in arms because they consider that the Mayor of Almuñécar has allowed municipal workers to break the Lock down in order to dismantle the Municipal Market.