The Three Absent Kings

SPN AP6 Snow ControversyThe AP-6 controversy is worsening because more information is coming to light, such as the fact that the department Heads were absent.

The Minister of Fomento (Public works) was at home in Santander, the Minister of the Interior was watching a football match in Sevilla and the Head of the DGT (Traffic Department) was at home in Sevilla with his family.

The Head of the DGT reasoned that he had the right to be at home with his family on the Day of the Three Kings, but as the Spokesman for the Guardia Civil Union remarked, following that reasoning so had the Guardia Civil policemen out in the snow dealing with the problem.

Guardia Civil units had to be drafted in from over 300 kilometres away, thanks to cuts in the number of personnel. And for that same reason some patrols had to take turns with the available 4×4 patrol cars because there are simply not enough now.

Asked if he thought the Traffic Department Head should resign, the Spokesman for the AUGC (union) said that the boss does not have the knowledge or experience for the post and that thanks to his lamentable leadership the number of road accidents has increased for two consecutive years.

The fact is that the DGT Head started off very badly by taking a flat for his personal use in Madrid; one that is really a married quarter for Guardia servicemen – as a result of the scandal, he had to give it up.

Editorial comment: there will be resignations, most likely the Head of the DGT, who will get the chop to take the heat off the two Ministers. Another will follow, Minister of the Interior, but it will be delayed several months to distance the cause from the effect and be disguised as ‘standing down for personal reasons’.

For more information on this affair you can see our initial article on the subject

(News: Spain)

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