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Not The Guardia Civil

SPN Guardia Civil Magazine

La Guardia Civil in Zamora are not happy bunnies because somebody has been using their name for a magazine in order to gain advertising… not guilty, Your Honour!

Officers Beaten

SPN Police Officers Assaulted out noisy bar in Leon

Two officers belonging to the Policía Local in León were set upon by a group of people not wearing masks on a bar terrace, in the early hours of last Friday.

Lucky Escape

SPN Car hanging off Bridge

The driver and passengers of a car that was left dangling over a drop were very luck people, indeed. Fire personnel were able to rescue all five people without further injury.

The Coffin Scandal

SPN The Coffin Scandal

More arrests were made on Thursday the 21st of last month over the case of the Coffin Scandal in Valladolid; a sordid case of coffin substitutions.