Big Playa Poniente Plans

MOT Playa Poniente 02The Motril Town Hall has come up with a plan to build underground car parks – three in fact – on Playa Poniente.

The Councillor for Beaches, Alicia Crespo, says that they spend money equally on both Playa Granada and Playa Poniente but that as the latter is much bigger, it doesn’t show as much as the improvements done on the former.

Apparently, the dreaded Costas has been hounding the Town Hall for a while to come up with a comprehensive development plan for the said beaches, so, that is what they have finally done.

The summer influx on Playa Poniente is massive and to find parking down there is a nightmare, if not simply an impossible task, especially on a Sunday in August. You’re not supposed to park on the beach, but people still do, and because they do, there is no way that the Poniente can get a Blue Flag Award like Playa Granada.

MOT Playa Poniente 01So, the idea is to build three, underground, car parks beneath Paseo del Rey Balduino, thus creating 900 parking spaces. To do this they will extend the said paseo and its bicycle lanes so that the two beaches are connected – more palm trees, leisure and sports areas etc.

Of course, this means that you will have to pay for parking but the councillor points out that just about everywhere in Spain you have to pay to park near the beach.

At the moment, between the two beaches there are 712 parking spaces so the underground parking will bring the total up to 1,608 parking spaces

As for the paseo itself, it will virtually double in length, linking the existing chiringuitos along the way via footpaths.

The Town Hall will take this project to show off at the Madrid Tourist Fair, FITUR. In the meantime, they have to get it past Costas (good luck on that one) and find the money to do it – the idea is to find sponsors at the tourism fair in Madrid.

But we’re talking about a long-term plan; one that will include the much-needed groynes and breakwaters to protect the beaches.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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